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Selah’s Bees: A Middle-Grade Novel

When 11-year old Selah finds herself caring for her mother’s abandoned beehives, the unlikely prick of a sting from the queen bee sets Selah on an unexpected journey where she learns just what can happen when we get exactly what we ask for.

While searching online for help for her now queenless hive, Selah inadvertently discovers a mindfulness app called Think It So—‘Tis for short—and she soon finds she has the uncanny power to manifest almost anything she wants—or needs. All Selah has to do is think it so. And, with a missing mother, an uncle who says it’s time to sell their house, and the threat of being shipped off to live with Helen, the grandmother she’s never met, Selah’s got everything in her world to lose.

A graduate of Simmons University, I hold an MFA in writing for children. I write middle-grade novels, poetry, and picture books. Selah’s Bees is approximately 45,000 words. To read more or learn about what else I’m working on, drop me a note here. 

Christine Regan Davi