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Life has taught me that the power of story trumps all: scientists, artists, friends, lovers, family—all of us—use stories every day to inform the work we do.


I have a penchant for making things: stuff out of metal and clay, images, and stories. In the broadest sense, I think of myself as a maker & collaborator: the act of making reminds me of what good fortune it is to be alive; collaborating with others is a way of being in the world.

A wordsmith at heart, I have equal measures of professional experience in the editorial and entrepreneurial business worlds; I also hold an MFA in writing.

I live with my family in a small town in north central Massachusetts, on an unassuming pond, where I’m privileged to write, create, and work in proximity to nature’s finest—watchful eagles and elusive loons at the water’s edge, honeybees zipping to and from the hive like Starfleet ships, and sometimes, the occasional moose gliding just past my window. A blessing!