Call it a coping skill or a curiosity: I have a habit of making things. Sometimes out of metal and clay, but images and stories too. In some ways the medium doesn’t matter: I create because it deepens my experience of this great, wild world.

In the broadest sense, I think of myself as a maker & collaborator: the act of making reminds me of what good fortune it is to be alive; collaborating with others is a way of being in the world.

The power of story trumps all: scientists, artists, friends, lovers, family—all of us—we use stories every day to inspire the work we do.

Photography has been my constant companion since I inherited my father’s Minolta at 16. It was the camera I used as a rookie reporter on Cape Cod, where I became wise to the difference between telling a story and owning your voice. Since then, I’ve worked as a journalist and a marketer, in sales and in business management, while experimenting with colors and clay and light and metal whenever I could.

Today, I live in a small town in north central Massachusetts, on an unassuming pond, where I work in proximity to nature’s finest—watchful eagles and elusive loons at the water’s edge, honeybees zipping to and from their hives like Starfleet ships, and sometimes, an occasional moose gliding past my open window.


Gallery System Art Displays
Managing Director

Parker Charter Essential School

Fitchburg Art Steward
2019 Cohort


2019 Small Stones Festival of Arts Grafton, MA

2019 Fitchburg Art Museum “84th Annual Regional Exhibition of Art & Craft” Fitchburg, MA

2019 Soho Photo Gallery “BH Portfolio Closing Show” New York, NY